USC Tailback Marc Tyler: "We All Get In Kim Kardashian"

USC Tailback Marc Tyler: "We All Get In Kim Kardashian"


USC Tailback Marc Tyler: "We All Get In Kim Kardashian"

When USC running back Marc Tyler was approached by TMZ during an evening out in Hollywood a couple nights ago, he could not resist engaging with the cameras. For that, I would like to endlessly thank him and perhaps send him a 12-pack of Corona.

When asked why USC has so many running backs, he replied:

“We all win our Heisman’s… we all gonna ball, and we all get in Kim Kardashian.”

Fantastic. When asked which pays more, the NFL or USC, he replied:

“USC, they breakin’ bread!”

Instant. Legend. A teammate alertly jumped in to say it was just a joke, but it’s nice to see such a carefree attitude about high level college football controversies.

He also stated that U.S.C. stands for “University of Sexual Ballers,” which has to be true if everyone is gettin’ in Kardashian. These thoughtful nuggets should certainly assist in his already good standing with the team considering he recently faced disciplinary action for allegedly spitting on a female student while intoxicated, and for allegedly inappropriately touching a female student in a bar.

Unfortunately, the video was not embeddable, but it can be seen in all its glory at TMZ. And I’m proud to say that when I clicked play, it did not force me to watch a commercial. It went right to the good stuff.

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