Chris Broussard Appears Quite Busy During the Lockout

Chris Broussard Appears Quite Busy During the Lockout


Chris Broussard Appears Quite Busy During the Lockout

While some NBA writers are probably enjoying the NBA lockout and taking trips with their family or unwinding at the beach, ESPN’s Chris Broussard seems to be working tirelessly.

On Dwight Howard.

Broussard boasted on his twitter account about playing in Dwight Howard’s celebrity basketball showcase fundraiser over the weekend. It sounds like he had quite a team. And they won.

Also, there was this strange tweet Sunday about Broussard going to church with Howard’s Dad (that’s unconfirmed). Broussard is a very religious man – I applaud him for that – and allegedly, he went to church with Charlie Ward back when Broussard was covering the NBA for the New York Times and Ward was on the Knicks.

Perhaps Broussard is working on a story about Howard, who will be the league’s most coveted free agent (sorry, CP3 and Deron Williams) next summer. Or, he’s in one of those weird, undefined journalistic areas where some people might think a line is being crossed. This is probably a job for the ESPN Ombudsman.

Broussard, you may recall, was at the forefront of a lot of LeBron reporting last June before James took his talents to South Beach. Broussard, of course, is from Ohio, and worked for the Akron Beacon Journal years ago.

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