Go Swimming This Weekend

Go Swimming This Weekend


Go Swimming This Weekend

It’s like 100 degrees right now. It’s brutal outside. You know that. I’m sure your Heat Index is set at “Chris Bosh Making Jumpers.” That’s why I’m staying inside with the air conditioning on. There’s nothing on the other side of that front door. Nothing, except for Water Slide World…

As I was watching the local news this morning, the above commercial came on. If you think it looks old, you’re right. I have been watching and singing along with this commercial for more than twenty years. Way back before the internet when I only had 4 channels and spent my days watching cartoons and playing sports in a driveway with my little brother, this song was ingrained in my psyche.

The Water Slide World jingle is one of my earliest memories. I’m sure you all have your own local commercials from way back, but this is mine. My goal in life is to track down whoever recorded this song and book them for my wedding.

Keep cool this weekend, my friends. We will have the usual coverage, but the only difference is that for the most part we’ll be blogging from our in-ground pools with our waterproof laptops while we sip ice cold beverages with umbrellas in them.


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