Best Soccer Goal of All-Time? Very Difficult Decision.

Best Soccer Goal of All-Time? Very Difficult Decision.


Best Soccer Goal of All-Time? Very Difficult Decision.


Inspired by Neymar’s incredible goal last night – watch it again, he beat four players with deft footwork and did the entire thing at full speed – I wondered where it might rank on the Greatest Goals of All-Time list. Obviously, the idea for such a list is incredibly subjective, but it seemed like a fun exercise. Here are 11 that were either submitted by readers or grabbed off youtube. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

The beginning and the end of this incredible Messi run kind of reminds me of what Reggie Bush was like at USC.

Giggs. In extra time. With his team down a player. I thought this was more about poor defending than anything. Giggs did some nice work in the box, and the placement is  exquisite. Love his celebration, too.

Ronaldo, showing off that incredible blend of balance, power and speed that at one point made him the world’s best player.

Robinho … winner? Greatest goal of all-time? It almost looks like he’s toying with youth players here, right? Flipping it over a defender … the balls to play yo-yo with the keeper five feet in front the net? Simply divine.

Zidane, a fine goal scorer in his day, might win for the best one-time shot of all-time (Van Basten wants in this discussion). A laser scissors kick from a difficult angle that sends the announcers into more than 30 seconds of rabid hysterics.

Widely regarded as perhaps the greatest free kick ever, this is the time Roberto Carlos bent one in against France. Wait for the replay at the :45 mark. David Beckham’s free kick vs. Greece (in the 93rd minute to tie the game) is probably high up on the list of greatest goals in English soccer history.

This Ibrahimovic goal probably ranks in my top three because he puts a clown suit on four defenders (one guy twice) plus the goalie. The footwork here is impeccable.

This 1986 World Cup goal by Diego Maradona against England is kind of overshadowed by the ‘Hand of God’ goal – which came in the same game – but from the skill standpoint, going more than half of the field and dusting defenders is very, very impressive.

Sorry for the excessive number of videos by stars from Brazil, but here’s Rivaldo chesting the ball to himself … and scoring on a bicycle kick. This goal completed a hat trick. That’s like going all-in and getting an Ace on the river to complete a full house and win a poker tournament. Does the Rivaldo bicycle kick top the one by Cristiano Ronaldo?

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