Lingerie Basketball Poised to Replace The WNBA

Lingerie Basketball Poised to Replace The WNBA


Lingerie Basketball Poised to Replace The WNBA


Lingerie basketball is a thing that exists. It’s true. There’s a website and everything. I can’t believe it took so long for someone to come up with lingerie basketball after all the success Lingerie Football has had over the last few years. The only logical next step is to get rid of the WNBA and replace it with the LBL.

All four teams in the Lingerie Basketball League play in Los Angeles, which is really impressive when you realize the city is barely able to sustain two NBA teams. The website isn’t really clear on whether the LA Divas, LA Glam, LA Beauties and LA Starlets all play in the same conference or not. Each team has players, lingerie and a coach who has some experience playing sports who is probably a failed actor.

The best part about the LBL? One of the players for the LA Divas is none other than, Briana Blair, the former Atlanta Hawks A-Town Dancer turned porn star. She’s using her real name again, but the promo picture they use is definitely from her last career venture.

One thing is certain – The LBL Has Next.


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