Randy Moss Retires

Randy Moss Retires


Randy Moss Retires

Randy Moss, one of the most explosive receivers in NFL history, is retiring, according to his agent. As we’ve seen before in the NFL, these “retirement” announcements are often highly overrated, and if a team has an injury, or thinks it could use one more piece to put them over the top, Randy Moss could be fielding offers to return to the league a few weeks into the season. Moss is 34 years old and I wish the Jets had gone after him instead of Plaxico Burress over the weekend. (I’d rather they gave the money to Braylon Edwards, but let’s save that for another post.)

Naturally, the Moss haters (I’m not one of them) will focus on Randy’s lethargic years in Oakland and an ugly end to his career in New England, Minnesota and Tennessee, but Moss will end up being remembered as one of the best receivers in NFL history.

The receiving stats: 954 catches, 14,858 yards, 153 touchdowns. He’s a Hall of Fame lock. I don’t think anyone would rate Moss ahead of Jerry Rice on whatever subjective “best receiver in NFL history” list you want to come up with, but the kid from West Virginia – by way of Marshall, though it should have been Notre Dame or Florida State – has a strong case for No. 2.

I wouldn’t put Terrell Owens over Moss, nor would I put Cris Carter (who still can’t get into the Hall of Fame), or Michael Irvin or Marvin Harrison.

My list:
1. Jerry Rice
2. Randy Moss
3. Don Hutson (nope, never saw him – not even video!)
4. Terrell Owens
5. Michael Irvin
6. Marvin Harrison
7. Paul Warfield (nope, never saw him – not even video!)
8. Steve Largent
9. Cris Carter
10. Al Toon


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