Blaming Bill

Blaming Bill


Blaming Bill

Who is to blame for Miami’s descent into the dregs of the NFL?

Billionaire owner Stephen Ross? Inept general manager Jeff “Was Your Mother a Prostitute” Ireland? Wayward coach Tony Sprano? Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek might accept those answers, but the one we were looking for is normally-teflon Bill Parcells.

Nobody would deny Parcells was outstanding in leading the Giants to two Super Bowl wins as a coach, but he only found moderate success later with the Jets and Cowboys. As Executive VP of Football Operations (aka Czar) with the Dolphins, Dan LeBatard thinks Tuna failed miserably:

Parcells turned down Atlanta at the last minute to grab at the dollars here, and the Falcons are more stable and better off than the Dolphins are today. Atlanta has a franchise quarterback, while Miami is left with a perception problem, a credibility problem, a trust problem that engulfs the entire franchise and enrages what is left of the fan base.

Parcells’ biggest move with the Dolphins? Encouraging the Jets to hire Rex Ryan. I stand by my worst record in the league prediction. [Miami Herald]

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