London Riots Continue, Soccer Game Canceled

London Riots Continue, Soccer Game Canceled


London Riots Continue, Soccer Game Canceled


A friendly between England and Holland has been canceled. The match was supposed to take place in Wembley tomorrow, but police have asked that the game be canceled because of the ongoing riots.

It’s utter chaos in London as people burn cars and buildings and loot stores and rob fellow residents. Riots are spreading and have already begun for the fourth night in a row.

These people are acting like savages. This poor kid got hurt in the riot and thought someone was helping him. Nah, just distracting the beaten kid so other assholes could steal from his backpack.

With all the images that are being produced in the wake of the violence and looting, clearer pictures are being collected so that criminals can be identified like they were in Vancouver. Independent groups are toying with the idea of using facial recognition software to identify people from the riot photos.

As usual, the Boston Globe’s The Big Picture has one of the best galleries of the unbelievable images from the riots.

The cleanup has begun, even if the riots haven’t stopped.

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