Toronto Blue Jays Still Stealing Signs

Toronto Blue Jays Still Stealing Signs


Toronto Blue Jays Still Stealing Signs

Oh, those pesky Toronto Blue Jays and their sign-stealing. When will they ever learn? The Blue Jays and slugger Jose Bautista have been accused of stealing signs for about a year now. Today, ESPN dropped the literary hammer on the Jays.

“It’s not too [f——] easy to hit home runs when you don’t know what’s coming!”

The enraged player and his teammates could hardly believe what they had seen in the previous inning. As they sat on the perch above the right-field bullpen at Rogers, they caught sight of a man dressed in white about 25 yards to their right, out among the blue center-field seats. And while the players watched, the man in white seemingly signaled the pitches the visiting pitcher was throwing against the Jays, according to four sources in the bullpen that day.

The story goes on to recount the multiple complaints by visiting teams about a man in white who signals to batters that there will either be a fastball or breaking ball. The Jays’ home/road splits look pretty damning and it could finally explain why Jose Bautista is hitting so many home runs. (Though… dude, did jack 21 homers on the road last year. That’s not bad.)

This comes just a couple weeks after the Yankees publicly accused the Blue Jays of stealing signs, though they didn’t provide any specifics.


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