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By Kevin Ratterree

Marion Barber is gone so let the Felix Jones show begin in earnest!

Okay. But we have a more complete back in Tashard Choice still hanging around like a diamond in a goat’s ass.

And we have a brand new shiny draft pick at the position as well. 

We have a team that plays in a division that figures to be brutal against the run, and more than half the Cowboys games this year figure to be bad RB match-ups.

We have a running back being drafted in the fourth round who figures to get a dozen carries a game IF he can stay healthy. Add that to the fact that the new head coach seems to be actually in charge and Jerry may not have the same influence he had during the Pillsbury Doughboy era.

Shaky ground if you ask me. You guys grab all of that you want, I’ll look at some RBs being drafted after Jones for similar or better numbers, or better yet grab Murray or Choice late and wait.

Or still better yet, find a running back situation you don’t need tarot cards to figure out.

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