Will Missouri Fire Frank Haith?

Will Missouri Fire Frank Haith?


Will Missouri Fire Frank Haith?

In the 2nd most* surprising college basketball coaching decision of 2011, Missouri snapped up Miami’s Frank Haith in April to fill its head coach opening. After Mike Anderson bolted for Arkansas, the Tigers were supposed to have solid options – nice facility, they returned a lot of players – but shockingly settled on Frank Haith, who had done nothing special in seven years at Miami (1 NCAA trip, one win).

Fans were perturbed. Perhaps they’ll be thrilled that Haith was implicated in Yahoo’s investigative piece on the University of Miami. According to booster Nevin Shapiro, Haith gave the OK for a $10k payout to a recruit (DeQuan Jones). An assistant coach made the payment. Shapiro also said he hung out with Haith a few times at Solid Gold (a strip club). Cell phone records, texts and credit card bills back up the booster’s allegations.

Will Missouri care about any of this? Certainly. It sure makes the school look bad that they hired a coach with ties to a booster who is now in jail for operating a Ponzi Scheme. According to his contract, Haith could be fired for violations at Miami.

Specifically, the contract accounts for rules violations that “in the sole judgment of the University, reflect adversely” on it, including “any violation which occurred during prior employment of the Employee at another NCAA member institution.”

But will they do anything about it? That seems unlikely. Haith didn’t make the payment himself, and there’s no paper trail of money, despite plenty of evidence suggests something was up. Gary Parrish expects Haith to go the Tim Floyd route and deny it. The NCAA did nothing to Floyd, and probably can’t/won’t do anything to Haith.

And if you’re wondering whether or not Jones was worth the $10k to the Hurricanes … he’s done virtually nothing is first three seasons coming off the bench.

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*Biggest shocker was Gary Williams retiring.