Michael Irvin Called Nevin Shapiro a "Rapist"

Michael Irvin Called Nevin Shapiro a "Rapist"


Michael Irvin Called Nevin Shapiro a "Rapist"

Michael Irvin doesn’t appear to be a big fan of what Nevin Shapiro did to his beloved The U. He does see how young kids would get tricked by a snake offering money and women. He has a point.

“I ain’t never met him. I said this too though and I’ll be honest with you, I would have fell to those aphrodisiacs that he was throwing around. I would have fallen into that. I would fall into it. Listen I wasn’t able to handle at 19,18, 20. I wasn’t even able to handle it at 30. Thirty-five? I just got here at forty-five! I just got here. If you would have offered me boats, women, and my hands are up in the air.

[Max Kellerman: He’s not asking you to throw a game. He’s asking you to play harder!] He’s asking me to play. Lets go play. I’ll do what you do. Lets go have some fun. I am going to play. The football part I am going to whether he is there or not. The other stuff he is making easy like boats. Dawg boats? Come on man get on the boat. We are going to go out on a boat. We got some women. Well we are out of practice at 3:30. I will meet you over there at 4. That is just what you say. I am sorry. That’s the truth.

I called him a snake and rapist because think about it this this way…he’s snaking people, but you are a rapist. How do you walk into someone’s home. Forget football. Forget the University of Miami. I don’t care about it. How do you walk into someone’s home and sit and eat dinner with them? Watch and look at their kids? Look at all the things in their home that they worked hard over the years to gather and then you take a check and then you go and blow away all of their savings? Man it doesn’t get any lower than this. [In reference to Nevin Shapiro’s $930 million dollar Ponzi scheme] It doesn’t get any lower than this. You sit with people and you not only take money from these people and you go here and you rape these kids of their future.”

I’m guessing the guys who  (probably! allegedly! maybe!) paid Michael Irvin and his Miami teammates were good guys.

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