The New Cy-Hawk Trophy is Hilariously Awful

The New Cy-Hawk Trophy is Hilariously Awful


The New Cy-Hawk Trophy is Hilariously Awful

The Iowa state fair came to its conclusion yesterday and stealing the show over the 11 days of enthralling entertainment was the glamorous unveiling of the new “Cy-Hawk” trophy, which is the generous award for the winner of the Iowa-Iowa State game, a contest that at least a couple hundred people outside the state of Iowa make a priority to watch each and every year. To call the new trophy interesting would be an obscene understatement, mostly because it feels a lot more like “Little House on the Prairie” than it does football, except without Michael Landon’s scene stealing hair.

The official announced purpose of featuring four people standing around a bucket of corn — no, those are not Daenerys’ dragon eggs in the bucket — is said to reflect “Iowa values.” That’s a thoughtful intention for sure, but the trophy still ended up looking like something a son might get their mother for Christmas when they have no idea what to get their mother for Christmas.

The one thing they have managed to accomplish here is they’ve gained at least one more viewer on September 10 when the Hawkeyes and Cyclones meet in Ames. It’s going to be awkward and hilarious to see a player or coach reluctantly hoist that thing.

Here’s a look at the old trophy. While the design was a bit safe and incredibly straightforward — THE CY-HAWK TROPHY — it does a nice job sparking thoughts of football.

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