Zach Randolph's Still Living the Thug Life in Portland [UPDATE]

Zach Randolph's Still Living the Thug Life in Portland [UPDATE]


Zach Randolph's Still Living the Thug Life in Portland [UPDATE]

Zach Randolph’s fresh off the best season – and postseason – of his up-and-down NBA career, yet he’s still hanging out with delinquents in Portland. According to police, some guy went to Randolph’s home to allegedly purchase drugs over the weekend, and once there, he was beaten badly with a pool stick. Randolph was home, but he’s not a suspect.

[UPDATE II: Here’s video of the drug dealer saying Zach Randolph didn’t want to pay $200 for weed, so he took the bag of weed … and then a bunch of guys jacked him up.]

I get that Randolph’s mansion is probably too large for him to know what’s going on at all times, but what kind of friends pull the trigger on a drug deal in your house, and then jack someone up in the process? The victim in the beating spoke to Oregon TV station KGW:

James Beasley, 26, told KGW News that he went to the West Linn home of former Portland Trail Blazer Zach Randolph to sell marijuana and when there was a disagreement over price, he was beat by men with a pool stick.

After Beasley told the same story to detectives from the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, they searched Randolph’s home around 12:30 Sunday morning, police said Sunday.

Even though police say they’re not interested in Randolph – who signed a $71 million extension with the Grizzlies earlier this year – what is he doing hanging out with these criminals? You might recall that in January, one of Randolph’s “friends” shot a bouncer at a nightclub. And in May of 2010, a police informant claimed that Randolph was a big-time drug supplier in Indianapolis.

[UPDATE: The Oregonian reports that Zach Randolph met Beasley on a charter cruise that night in Portland, and invited him to his house to sell drugs to a private part of about 20 people. Beasley maintains that Randolph was not involved in the beating.]

Are there odds on Zach Randolph getting arrested during the lockout? Dogs, fleas, etc.

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