Lacrosse Brawl Video!

Lacrosse Brawl Video!


Lacrosse Brawl Video!

The WLA Finals are going on right now between the Langley Thunder and the New West Salmonbellies. Before you get caught up in the fact that there is a team named the “Salmonbellies,” watch this video of the brawl that broke out during game 2 of the finals, courtesy Lacrosse Playground.

Players were suspended for their roles in the fight and both teams were fined big money. Via IL

Matt Laustrup has been suspended for 2 games for leaving the bench to enter an altercation.

2 Matt Roik has been suspended for 2 games as a result of a receiving a gross misconduct. The Gross Misconduct was assessed as a result of Roik’s careless contact with an official.

3 The New Westminster  Salmonbellies have been assessed a $350.00 fine for failure to control here players during an altercation.

4 The Langley Thunder has been assessed a $250.00 fine for failure to control there players during an altercation..

5 The New Westminster Salmonbellies are fined $150.00 for failure to control Matt Roik for repeated attempts to physically engage opposing players during the altercation.

You don’t mess with the WLA, son. The best of 7 series is currently knotted at 2 games a piece.

For fun: Google “WLA”. Believe me, I wish this brawl had to do with the Wisconsin Library Association or the Winnebago Lutheran Academy too.

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[via @LaxPlayground]

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