Jeremy Shockey Saved a Choking Teammate's Life

Jeremy Shockey Saved a Choking Teammate's Life


Jeremy Shockey Saved a Choking Teammate's Life

Jeremy Shockey has always struck me as a big doofus – a hulking, 6-foot-5, 250-pound mountain of a tight end with ugly tattoos all over his arms (color! Gross!), an entitled attitude and general mouthy demeanor. Remember when he fought, basically, the entire Houston Texans’ defense during a scrimmage?

And when, as a rookie, Shockey got in a rumble with Brandon Short of the Giants in the team cafeteria because he refused to sing a fight song? And let’s not forget how vastly overrated Shockey is on the football field. He’s never been a good blocker and his hands seem to have gotten progressively worse. There are three Hurricane tight ends in the NFL right now better than Shockey (Graham, Winslow, Olsen).

But enough piling on Shockey … according to the National Football Post, he saved a teammate’s life recently!

Carolina tight end Ben Hartsock was in the team cafeteria and got a piece of pork tenderloin stuck in his throat. Hartsock tried to drink water to dislodge it – no luck. Then an unnamed teammate leapt to Hartsock’s rescue and tried the Heimlich, but that too, was unsuccessful. Then Shockey wound up and belted Harsock in the back, and the tenderloin popped out.

Now go help Cam Newton get five wins so the Panthers can hit the over (4.5) and everyone can be happy!

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