Auburn Freshman Tre Mason's Father Was In De La Soul

Auburn Freshman Tre Mason's Father Was In De La Soul


Auburn Freshman Tre Mason's Father Was In De La Soul

Tre Mason is an 18-year-old Freshman at Auburn. Despite just arriving on campus the night before August practice started, Mason has a legitimate shot at becoming the Tigers’ 3rd string running back. I’m sure there are similar stories of freshman making a push to make the varsity squad all over the country, but none of those kids are the son of a member of De La Soul. From the Ledger-Enquirer:

Mason always had the makings of a standout. He ran for 1,643 yards and 24 touchdowns as a senior at Park Vista High, finishing his career with over 4,500 rushing yards and nearly 70 touchdowns.

Still, it’s tough to escape the sizable shadow of his father, whose beats made him an influential player in the early days of hip hop.

“I try not to get into my dad’s shine,” Tre said. “I try to make a scene for myself. I congratulate him on everything he’s accomplished in his life. I try to do the same for mine.”

Father Vincent Mason (DJ Maseo) told the War Eagle Reader he doesn’t think his son will be listening to De La Soul before games this season:

“I know he listens to Little Wayne and Wacka Flocka. He definitely likes the current day rappers, but every now and then I’ll walk in on him and he’ll be listening to Big Daddy Kane or Slick Rick and I’m shocked, completely shocked. He’s like ‘Daddy, I like Big Daddy Kane, honestly!’ One time I played him a record that Big Daddy Kane came out with before I even came out with a record and he actually thought it was a new record. I was like, ‘Tre, this came out in ’87, ’86.”

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