Beer Pong World Series Documentary Is Good, Makes You Thirsty

Beer Pong World Series Documentary Is Good, Makes You Thirsty


Beer Pong World Series Documentary Is Good, Makes You Thirsty

So how did I miss a documentary on the World Series of Beer Pong? Someone really should have told me about this sooner. I don’t know if anything has ever been so far up my alley. Earlier this week I recieved a copy of the Morgan Spurlock-produced Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong and it was just short of life-changing. It’s my duty to inform you that Last Cup will be on SpikeTV tomorrow night at 11pm and I can’t recommend watching it enough.

The film introduces you to the guys who came up with the brilliant idea of the WSOBP and follows four very different teams as they navigate the 2007 tournament. There is a kid from Wisconsin named “Iceman” who looks and sounds just like fat Jonah Hill. In fact, you can’t convince me that this wasn’t Jonah Hill. Then there’s the meat head who is as close to Tommy from True Life: I Have A Summer Share as you will ever get. There’s a guy who keeps statistics and has written programs and another guy who calls himself the Champ who you can see in this video.

Last Cup: Meet The Champ from B-Side Entertainment on Vimeo.

It’s like these people were fictional.They’re all too serious and hilarious and awesome to be actual people, but they are. I’m fascinated by each and every one of them. These people are the perfect mix of extremely competitive, way too serious and yet, somehow, vaguely aware of how silly it all is.

You read about them or you see them briefly and you think “What an asshole.” You watch them for a whole movie and you kind of like them. When they show the WSOBP, it’s a giant room full of people thinking “What an asshole” about every other single person in that room.

The film briefly touches on what I call “drinking momentum.” With what boils down to a drinking contest that stretches out for the entirety of multiple consecutive days, you have to keep your drinking momentum going or you will fall asleep. Also, if you wondered if there was a montage set to “You’re The Best Around” from The Karate Kid, you’ll be happy to know that there is.

As far as I’m concerned, Last Cup is a must-see, especially for anyone that enjoys drinking games. It’s funny and takes you further inside the Beer Pong World than you ever… Well, did you even know there was a Beer Pong World? I didn’t.

If anything, this documentary should pave the way for the World Series of Beer Pong to be televised. If the World Series of Poker is such a hit for ESPN, why wouldn’t this work for a channel like SpikeTV or G4 or MTV2? I would certainly watch. Besides, the World Series of Beer Pong is still growing. The 2012 World Series of Beer Pong will have a grand prize of $50,000. Last year’s event drew a record 507 teams. Heck, I would gladly represent Big Lead Sports in the 2012 main event.

Until then, I will settle for watching Last Cup. And when it’s over, I’ll run it back and watch it again.


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