Auburn Fans Are Furious With Old Navy

Auburn Fans Are Furious With Old Navy


Auburn Fans Are Furious With Old Navy

Incensed fans of the Auburn Tigers are calling for a boycott of an Old Navy commercial that they feel portrays them in a foolish manner, which is somewhat remarkable in itself as making SEC fans look like complete morons is an intensely difficult task to accomplish.

The commercial of note features a group of Alabama fans stationed inside a Crimson Tide bedazzled garage singing a disastrous alternate version of Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian.” It’s such an irritating sequence of horror that boycotting the commercial for the sole purpose of maintaining one’s sanity seems more than fair. Towards the end of the dreadful 30-second spot, and the reason for the boycott, is the arrival of an over-exuberant Auburn fan who appears on a four-wheeler with a stack of pizzas in his hands.

The Auburn faithful believe the Tigers fan “is portrayed in a foolish manner or as a pizza delivery man.” I would counter that point and say that everyone in the commercial is portrayed as an unfortunate jackass.

Old Navy has yet to comment but a chief brand officer for a Birmingham-based agency said the following:

“They delved deep into a battle in which they don’t know the turf. I don’t think they have any clue how deep the division is between the two schools. They probably could have done better homework to understand the passion that the two fan bases have.”

Considering Old Navy’s CEO is from Alabama, I would say the company did their homework and knew exactly what they were doing. The buzz has already been created with the protest, and it’s sure to go viral if it hasn’t already. Needle moved. Mission accomplished.


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