Mark Teixeira Hears Your Complaints, Baseball Fans

Mark Teixeira Hears Your Complaints, Baseball Fans


Mark Teixeira Hears Your Complaints, Baseball Fans

For some reason I didn’t catch this quote last week upon conclusion of the Yankees-Red Sox series, but Mark Teixeira’s comments regarding game length and the general stodgy pace of things when these two teams play one another are certainly worth mentioning. Here’s Tex:

“It’s brutal. I can’t stand playing a nine-inning game in four hours. It’s not baseball. I don’t even know how to describe it. If I was a fan, why would I want to come watch people sitting around and talking back and forth, going to the mound, 2-0 sliders in the dirt? Four-hour games can’t be fun for a fan, either.”

Standing ovation. It’s fascinating that even the players involved can’t stand the pace of the games. Eric Chavez was quoted as saying “I’m a part of it and I still don’t understand why it takes so long.” There are plenty of players on both sides who assist in causing these games to seemingly take forever — Ortiz, Jeter, Beckett, to name a few — but Teixeira’s point regarding the number of mound meetings was an excellent one. Simply brutal to watch, particularly when the pitcher and catcher find the need to go over signs inning after inning.

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