Colts Suspend Jim Tressel For 6 Games!

Colts Suspend Jim Tressel For 6 Games!


Colts Suspend Jim Tressel For 6 Games!

Jim Tressel joined the Colts as a replay advisory this weekend. According to the organization, it was a position they had been looking to fill for years. Finally having signed someone to watch a monitor and suggest pulling a red flag out of the head coach’s sock, the next obvious move is to suspend Tressel for 6 games.

That’s right, the Colts have suspended Jim Tressel for his actions at Ohio State. His former star quarterback, Terrell Pryor will sit the first 5 games of the season thanks to a suspension handed down by the NFL for his actions in college. If you’ll allow me to quote Jason Whitlock, I believe that Pete Carroll and Reggie Bush are somewhere laughing heartily and smoking a illegal substance.

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