Who is Ready for Three Months of 'Does Boise State Belong' Chatter?

Who is Ready for Three Months of 'Does Boise State Belong' Chatter?


Who is Ready for Three Months of 'Does Boise State Belong' Chatter?

Yes, Boise State’s 35-21 destruction of Georgiathe Bulldogs from the mighty S-E-C! – means that for the next three months, all you’re going to hear is:

* Boise is going unbeaten and should play for the National title!
* Boise is unbeaten, but it doesn’t play a tough enough schedule to warrant a spot in the title game.
* Boise’s toughest two opponents – Georgia and TCU – are not great this year, and the rest of the schedule is a joke.
* If Boise played in the Pac-10/SEC/Big Ten/Big 12 there is no way it could go unbeaten.
* Any 1-loss team from the SEC/Pac-10/Big Ten/Big 12 deserves a shot at the Title game over undefeated Boise State due to strength of schedule.

Your head probably will hurt from the weekly internet/radio/TV discussions about Boise State. In late August/early September Boise has turned into the Little School That Could. But mid-October, they’ve become “I’m sick of Boise State.” Since we’ve got three months of that, let’s instead recap just how badly Boise State beat the shit out of Georgia Saturday night 68 miles from the Bulldogs’ campus.

(Note: Yes, I realize this Georgia team isn’t in the same galaxy as the 2007 unit led by Stafford and Moreno that curb stomped Colt Brennan and Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. But this Georgia team is built on studly recruits: Four of the last five years, Georgia has had a top-10 recruiting class.)

ABC posted an interesting graphic Saturday: Georgia’s offensive line was the biggest in school history! Yet it couldn’t protect QB Aaron Murray against the constant pressure from the Bronco’s impressive front seven: Murray was sacked six times. (Boise’s Kellen Moore wasn’t sacked.)

Georgia’s running backs, who struggled last year, but was expected to be better in 2011, carried the ball 30 times for a meek 57 yards. Perhaps cornerback Brandon Boykin should have gotten more carries – on his only one, he went 80 yards for a score. (Kind of reminds you of what Boise did to Virginia Tech and Ryan Williams last year in the opener: 44 carries, only 128 yards.)

I thought the most impressive aspect of Boise’s rout was the ruthless efficiency of Moore (28-of-34), who lost his two best receivers to the NFL, but looked as precise as ever. Five players caught three or more passes. Georgia’s defense, after the first quarter, was on its heels all night against a cast of receivers who don’t have NFL futures.

Two years, two impressive season-0pening wins on the other side of the country. (If you want to go back to 2009, Boise beat Oregon, 19-8 in Idaho. The mighty Ducks only mustered 152 yards of total offense. That was the night LaGarrette Blount threw a punch after the loss. It was also probably the last time you’ll see the Broncos play a non-conference game against a respected opponent in Idaho.) Can we all agree Chris Petersen is the best coach in the country?

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