Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Saints and Packers FINALLY Kick Off Football Season

Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Saints and Packers FINALLY Kick Off Football Season


Pigskin Pigsplosion Preview: Saints and Packers FINALLY Kick Off Football Season

Football is back! And you jerks were worried that the lockout was going to ruin all the beer-drinking and chicken wing-eating fun. Let’s get one thing straight – you can’t ruin beer-drinking and chicken wing-eating. Those are sports all on their own. And that’s why the football is so great – it combines two (three? I’m kind of lost here myself.) great sports, puts them on the weekend and tells you “Good luck remembering what happened today, Drunkie McHotwing.”

Big changes this year. The biggest one – the one that will get you the most excited in your football pants – is that Jason Lisk is going to be co-authoring this post this year. That’s right. I brought in the best football writer in the world who also happens to have proper login information for this website.

Together, Lisk and I will be revamping some of the classic features that made the Pigsplosion a great way to waste a Friday afternoon. Plus, he might add just a little bit more football acumen beyond my “My, Tom Brady looks nice in that silly hat.” I’ll still be remarking on Tom Brady’s hat, but Lisk will also be here to provide information on the hat. How much it costs, who makes it, what material it uses, etc. We’re going to have you football’d out by the end of this every week.

Anyway, this is a brief glimpse into the football-y awesomeness that you will be subjected to each Friday. Full weekend preview comes tomorrow. For now…

Music Video
We have proudly exhausted the Internet’s supply of pigs exploding in the first three (3!!!) years of the Pigsplosion. Thus, we’re left with regular explosions, music videos and football stuff. I suppose that fits a football column too. Tonight? Kick out the jams…

Last Season
CRM: n/a (You look it up, I’m busy)
Lisk: n/a (He’s new here I think)

New Orleans (+5) @ Green Bay
CRM: I remain captain of the Aaron Rodgers’ Bandwagon. He is still the anti-Favre in my book and I enjoyed every minute of his – and the Packers’ success last season. My only regret is not landing him in Fantasy this year. I think the Saints will be decent this year – they’re locks for decent-as-a-basement with Sean Peyton and Drew Brees in charge. I’m excited to see if Mark Ingram will make any difference for the Saints. For tonight, I like the Packers in a high scoring game. (Pick: Packers -5)

Lisk: You may have heard that the defending Super Bowl champ is a perfect 7-0 in these Thursday night openers. It’s true (5-1-1 against the spread) but meaningless. The opponents for the most part turned out to be worse than people thought, and the last opening opponent that ended with a winning record or in the playoffs was the Colts back in 2004. The Patriots won that game late by a field goal. I have these teams rematching in the conference championship game, and I like a close game here, and you get the key 3 and 4 point spreads if you take the Saints.

The Saints also draw a break by coming to Lambeau near Labor Day rather than in December, and if they win in summer conditions, they may not have to return later. (Pick: Saints +5)

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