Nascar Car Wash In A Race To Clean 500,000 Cars Per Month

Nascar Car Wash In A Race To Clean 500,000 Cars Per Month


Nascar Car Wash In A Race To Clean 500,000 Cars Per Month

Considering how many companies have licenses to produce Nascar products, you’d think that a car wash would already have been among them.


Dan Dyer plans to open the first Nascar Car Wash location in Romeoville, Ill., on Sept. 15. The location is just a few miles from Chicagoland Speedway, where Nascar will begin the Chase for the Sprint Cup.

For Nascar and Dyer, chairman and CEO of Nascar Car Wash, that will be the first of several locations planned for the Chicagoland area, with expansion being eyed across North America.

“We have carved the USA into 28 regional territories and we are seeking top caliber Operating-Marketing Partners to sub-license from Nascar Car Wash Company the Nascar brand for all car wash operators in these markets,” Dyer, who secured exclusive rights to use the Nascar logo last year to market car washes across North America and the U.S. Territories, said in a statement.

According to Dyer, “These experienced car wash business owners, or others who are tops in their fields will work with our network of affiliated suppliers and vendors . . . and will dig into the local real estate markets to help grow the Nascar Car Wash Company to our goal of some 30-50 car washes in each territory.”

Nascar said that expansion could happen by 2016, and predicts that each location could wash up to 10,000 cars per month. Meaning that 500,000 dirty cars per month could be cleaned via Nascar Car Wash within five years.

The July 2011 Nascar Fan Council research shows that “more than three-quarters of fans take their cars to an automotive facility that is affiliated with Nascar.”

In terms of car care, Nascar fans are 30% more likely than non-fans to own three or more vehicles; and 30% more likely to have shopped at automotive-focused stores in the past year, according to Experian Consumer Research, Simmons National Consumer Survey, Fall Full Year 2010.

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