Michigan Beats Notre Dame 35-31 In Wild Finish

Michigan Beats Notre Dame 35-31 In Wild Finish


Michigan Beats Notre Dame 35-31 In Wild Finish

Michigan-Notre Dame games: always more tortuous than either fan base needed. This one had a frenetic feel that could only be programmed by EA Sports. Michigan entered the fourth quarter down 24-7, they came back to make it 28-24 with a minute left. Notre Dame then drove down the field to score with 30 seconds left. Denard somehow finds Jeremy Gallon to get within field goal range, then hits Roundtree in the end zone with two seconds left. 35-31 Michigan.

965 yards. Eight turnovers. Cataclysmic defending. Three touchdowns in the final 72 seconds. It was simultaneously one of the best and worst games I have ever seen. Denard Robinson’s passing line was terrible. His chutzpah was tremendous. Despite the overhyped lights and obnoxious jerseys, the game, ultimately, was the spectacle.

Notre Dame averaged 8.1 yards per pass, 6.0 yards per carry, converted 8/14 third downs and still lost. That’s now ten turnovers in two games the Irish otherwise dominated. Had the Golden Domers been even moderately wasteful thus far they’d be 2-0. This offense’s primary focus heading into the season should have been cutting down turnovers.

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