Feel Free to Take the NBA Completely Off Your Radar

Feel Free to Take the NBA Completely Off Your Radar


Feel Free to Take the NBA Completely Off Your Radar

It was easy to joke about the NBA lockout in July and August, when there was nothing else going on, but now that the NFL and college football are producing consistently strong storylines, the NBA lockout is quietly dragging on and nobody seems to care. All indications are that the players and owners remain miles apart, and after Tuesday’s disastrous meeting, basketball fans seem resigned to the fact there won’t be hoops until January. Or maybe next October. The players are making concessions, and the owners are basically laughing at them.

The NBA’s owners want everything, because they don’t believe they’ll need to compromise. They want everything, because they believe this union will crumble, and bow before them.

It sounds as if Billy Hunter, the head of the Players’ Union, isn’t getting the job done. Who doesn’t love a good coup? According to Adrian Wojnarowski:

There’s a big labor meeting in Las Vegas on Thursday, and Hunter is competing for the hearts and minds of his rank-and-file players. He’s already lost the top agents, who are laying the groundwork for a coup, sources told Yahoo! Sports. The decision to make a move on Hunter could come as soon as this week, agents privately said.

The big problem, of course, is that nobody will care about these negotiations and the players dumping Hunter will barely register with fans. There are football games on Thursday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and pretty soon, you’ll have the MLB postseason in between. Once November rolls around, there will be college basketball to fill the MLB void. As an NBA fan, I’m bummed … but like getting dumped by a girlfriend, the loss of the NBA won’t be felt for months. Like in January, when the weather sucks, you’re stuck inside every night, and there isn’t shit on TV.

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