Tedy Bruschi Goes Off On Chad Ochocinco, Generates a Non-troversy

Tedy Bruschi Goes Off On Chad Ochocinco, Generates a Non-troversy


Tedy Bruschi Goes Off On Chad Ochocinco, Generates a Non-troversy

ESPN Analyst Tedy Bruschi criticized Chad Ochocinco for a tweet while on WEEI radio. Shocking that ESPN would manufacture a non-troversy and then discuss it on a variety of formats. Here’s the tweet that set Bruschi off.

Just waking up after a late arrival,I’ve never seen a machine operate like that n person,to see video game numbers put up n person was WOW

Now, let’s set aside the twitter format. Let’s just say that Ochocinco utters that at a press conference post-game. Is that noteworthy at all? A player saying that a performance was amazing?

It was a pretty impressive performance, as Brady was ruthlessly efficient both before and after the snap, doing whatever he wanted most of the night. Chad Ochocinco played in a limited number of snaps, and had only 1 catch. The offense was clicking. I don’t know what routes Ochocinco was running when he was in the game, but Miami has pretty good starting corners. Brady generally stayed away from them, targeting the two tight ends and receivers out of the slot heavily. We don’t know if his presence on the outside was a liability or other players were just a bigger part of the game plan.

I don’t get the criticism for liking a performance instead of complaining about individual numbers. Has Bruschi never said that a defensive or offensive performance was impressive, even if he wasn’t the one generating the sacks or touchdowns, at any point in his Patriots’ career? Players aren’t automatons. They are impressed by great performances and great players–I’ve heard many talking about Michael Vick’s gamebreaking plays, or Calvin Johnson’s freakish athletic ability, or Ed Reed’s brilliance. I mean, would Bruschi, while he’s now complaining about people getting off his lawn, rather Chad Ochocinco speak out and complain about not getting enough throws in a game his team won with a great offensive performance? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I guess.

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