Yardwork: Logan Morrison Debuts World's Worst Haircut

Yardwork: Logan Morrison Debuts World's Worst Haircut


Yardwork: Logan Morrison Debuts World's Worst Haircut

Florida Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison celebrated his awful new haircut last night by going 2-for-4 with a two-run homer, assisting in putting more pressure on the reeling Braves, who lead St. Louis for the wildcard by just 1.5 games. So do the Marlins ever not play the role of spoiler? They haven’t been deep enough to win the division for well, ever, but they’ve been good enough to mess with playoff hopes which always provides a great deal of entertainment. The Braves, 8-13 in September, happily left Miami last night in pursuit of easier times in Washington against the Nationals. They close the season at home against the Phillies. As for Morrison, it’s amazing what a fresh look can do. He looks like someone who might have gotten along swimmingly with Higher Learning’s Remmy had they gone to college together.

Cards 6, Mets 5 — The Cards are 12-2 over their last 14 games and the lucky bastards get one more day of hosting the Mets before welcoming the Cubs to town for a three-game set, and then finishing against the Houston Astros, also known as the team with 102 losses. I must say, the Freese headlines today have been lacking to a surprising degree.

Tigers 6, Royals 3 — How do you spell triumphant relief? FISTER.

Yankees 4, Rays 2, twice — The Yankees have really made choking a lot harder on the Red Sox, but I trust Boston will come through and disappoint.

O’s 6, Red Sox 4 — “Red Sox lose late lead, Orioles rally.” Rinse, wash, repeat. The Red Sox begin a three game series with the AL East champions starting tomorrow night. That should be fun.

Angels 7, Blue Jays 2 — Everyone should really be aware that the Angels are also just 2.5 games back of the Red Sox. Is football that powerful of a force that no one realizes this or cares? I’m guessing the answer to that query is a stern ‘yes’.

Rangers 3, A’s 2 — No one is saying a word about the Texas Rangers. Because of that, they will probably win the whole damn thing.

In honor of the aforementioned Remmy, here’s one of his less than stellar moments. (Clip is NSFW due to some choice language):

[Morrison via @JimmyTraina]

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