Yankee Stadium Hosting Event That Goes Beyond Sports

Yankee Stadium Hosting Event That Goes Beyond Sports


Yankee Stadium Hosting Event That Goes Beyond Sports


Even with the playoffs en route, Yankee Stadium will put aside its bases and pitcher’s mound for a day to make room for the NFL, NHL, NBA, WNBA. MLS and baseball beyond the Yankees when Beyond Sport United takes over the venue on Sept. 27.

Beyond Sport United, based in the U.K.,  supports the strategy that sports teams have a unique ability to impact the cities in which they play and should be proactive in making them a better place to live in such areas as the environment, health, education and public safety.

According to Beyond Sport United, the one-day event at Yankee Stadium “has been designed to showcase how these heroic brands and their historic resonance have the profound ability to become hubs of positive influence and resource.”

In all, representatives from more than 80 sports teams in the U.S. and around the world will be in The Bronx for the event.

Scheduled to address the gathering of invited attendees are NBA commissioner David Stern, NHL commissioner Gary Betman, MLS commissioner Don Garber, Rita Benson LeBlanc (co-owner of the New Orleans Saints), Christina Lurie (co-owner of Philadelphia Eagles), Brian Burke (president and general manager, Toronto Maple Leafs), Bob Lanier (special assistant to NBA Commissioner Stern), Mike Richter (former NHL All-Star and now managing director of ECP Capital) and Dikembe Mutombo (former NBA All-Star and founder of the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation).

According to Nick Keller, founder of Beyond Sport, “We believe that sports teams, with their heroic brands with historic resonance, sit at the very heart of communities and as such have a significant role to play in triggering positive social change. The opportunity is vast and, with the substantial support of the major U.S. sports leagues, it is our hope that Beyond Sport United will provide the platform where sports teams can come together for the first time to focus on how they can better impact the communities they serve.”

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