Red Sox, Braves, Cardinals, Rays: Game 162

Red Sox, Braves, Cardinals, Rays: Game 162


Red Sox, Braves, Cardinals, Rays: Game 162

Upon the conclusion of this evening’s baseball action, fans of the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves will either breathe a collective sigh relief or do synchronized cannonballs into a giant tank of starved piranhas.

No matter what end of the spectrum they are taken to, it will be fun to monitor the sweeping high and lows of your ever-emotional Twitter timeline. While some people will beat the drum of just how lovely this is for the game of baseball, screaming “the final day means something!” from rooftop to rooftop, don’t forget this also happens to be a satisfying time for fans of opposing teams to be completely inconsiderate and thoughtless to one another. I don’t think I’ve seen Red Sox fans so fragile in nearly a decade. It’s great to have them back.

The emotion hasn’t been limited to just the fans though, as Yahoo Sports found themselves swept up in heat of the moment and used a John Feinstein book title to capture the mountain of glory at stake:

Sports Illustrated was equally caught up in the drama as they have let us know that it is in fact, all on the line:

But nothing could prepare me for ESPN’s gripping take on tonight’s do-or-die baseball action … starring Calvin Johnson:

ESPN is broadcasting two of these games yet it’s still fitting that an NFL-related item would be the toppest of their top stories.

Here are your starters for the eight-way bat and balls orgy:

Red Sox at Orioles — Jon Lester vs. Alfredo Simon (ESPN)
Yanks at Rays — Dellin Betances vs. David Price

Phils at Braves — Joe “Big League Chew” Blanton vs. Tim Hudson (ESPN2)
Cards at Astros — Chris Carpenter vs. Brett Myers

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