ALDS Game 1: Rangers vs. Rays

ALDS Game 1: Rangers vs. Rays


ALDS Game 1: Rangers vs. Rays

Playoffs? Yes, playoffs! They have arrived. If you’re a fan of one of the October participants, it really tends to be a strange time of year. It’s fun, nerve-wracking, thrilling and, at times, chain-smoke inducing.

The pitching matchup to kick things off will be Matt Moore opposite C.J. Wilson, who zamboni’s Dominique Peek on a regular basis. Advantage MOORE. If you woke up every morning after some bizarre dream and, half asleep, rolled into Peek, I’m guessing the motivation to do anything else sinks like a King Kong Bundy cannonball. Or does it? Perhaps it serves as obvious motivation to pitch even better. We shall find out at 5:07 pm EST.

My favorite note in regard to this baseball game? Cooper Stone, son of the late Shannon Stone, will throw out the first pitch tonight. Classy, thoughtful move by the Rangers. Standing ovay indeed.

The only question remaining is… will this dude be there?

[Photo via El Hernia]

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