NLDS Game 1: Cardinals at Halladay

NLDS Game 1: Cardinals at Halladay


NLDS Game 1: Cardinals at Halladay

After reading all the crap coming out of Boston in the wake of Terry Francona’s departure regarding clubhouse dissension, the Phillies are a refreshing club to talk about. Before the Rangers-Rays game yesterday, MLB Network showed a series of live shots from all four of the weekend’s host ballparks, both shots on the field and in the locker room. During that sequence, one of the shots was of Roy Halladay entering the Phillies locker room to a round of applause from his teammates. It was a cool scene. The humorous ovation was probably a reaction to his brilliant Shakespeare quote, but nonetheless, it was a glowing example of teammates who genuinely seem to like one another. Here’s Doc’s poetic nugget in case you weren’t aware of it:

“I heard a quote a long time ago: ‘I came here to bury Caesar, not praise him.’ I think it’s true. We’re all aware of how good the team is. We obviously have respect for what they’ve done and how they’ve played, but you have to be confident going in that you’re going to be able to beat them.”

Heroic. Consider yourself toast, Albert. Now the Cardinals did finish the season 23-8, and that would tend to make me somewhat nervous as a Phillies fan until I realized the ace of the team was busy delivering the poignant words of William Shakespeare to beat reporters. A sweep is inevitable, especially if Red Face Painter guy is in attendance.

Take it away, LiL Louie C:

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