Cards Force Game 5, But Spry Squirrel Steals the Show

Cards Force Game 5, But Spry Squirrel Steals the Show


Cards Force Game 5, But Spry Squirrel Steals the Show

With each post I write that criticizes the St. Louis Cardinals in some capacity, whether it be the bullpen or cranky Albert, they always seem to end up winning. So I guess the question is, what do I say in the post for tomorrow’s pivotal Game 5? I’ll take your suggestions in the comments.

Things didn’t look so promising to begin last night’s almost-prime-time game after the Phillies put up two runs in the first inning, but Edwin Jackson recovered nicely and proceeded to throw five shutout innings before handing things over to the bullpen. The Cards went on to win by a score of 5-3. The story for the Cardinals offensively was David ‘Don’t-Call-Me-John‘ Freese, who smacked a 2-run double in the fourth and launched a 2-run homer in the sixth. A huge game for sure, though no one could top the return of the St. Louis Squirrel. The athletic little fella did an impressive wind sprint directly across home plate as Roy Oswalt delivered a pitch to 1960s sitcom star Skip Schumaker. It was called a ball despite the squirrely circumstances. Here’s Oswalt:

“I was wondering what size animal it needed to be to not have a pitch,” Oswalt said. “I got distracted. I didn’t really know that would be a pitch. If it ran up the guy’s leg, would he have called the pitch for a strike? It’s hard to say.”

Yes, Oswalt, who probably has a similar palette to that of cousin Eddie, later chased the squirrel throughout the streets of St. Louis.

The squirrel even made the front page of Yahoo Sports:

D-Backs 10, Brewers 6 — Randy Wolf is a huge fan of winner take all circumstances, so that was part of his inspiration to allow seven runs on eight hits in three innings of tossing meatballs. Please take care of these guys in Game 5, Milwaukee. We’re all giddy for a Phillies-Brewers NLCS.

And finally, this is what a few weeks of Yardwork does to the desktop of my Mac. Last night felt like the proper time to clean it up and put everything into its proper folder. It is now spotless:

[Vid via @cjzero]

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