Theo Epstein Is Chicago's Sasquatch

Theo Epstein Is Chicago's Sasquatch


Theo Epstein Is Chicago's Sasquatch

The hot baseball rumor is that Red Sox GM Theo Epstein will become Cubs GM Theo Epstein this offseason. Chicago Cub fans certainly hope that Epstein comes to Wrigley and leads the Cubs to their first World Series in forever. Of course, these are all dreams at this point. Except for one Cubs fan who totally saw Epstein in Starbucks near Wrigley. From the Chicago Tribune:

“It was Theo all right,” said Noah Pinzur, a lifelong Cubs fan. “I’m 99.9 percent sure.”

Pinzur asked the gentleman if he was Epstein. The gentleman said no. Ha. Good try Theo! To the internets!

Pinzur went back to his seat while Epstein, or his clone, went up to order. He got an iced drink for his female companion and a banana for himself before leaving in the SUV and heading north on Racine.

“Once he had to ask me who ‘Theo Epstein’ was, I knew it was him,” Pinzur said. “It was clearly him being driven in the direction of Wrigley Field.”

Pinzur googled “Theo Epstein” and “Theo Epstein’s wife.” He was convinced that the companion who ordered the iced drink was indeed Theo Epstein’s wife. Putting two and two together, he concluded that Epstein was headed to Wrigley for his long-awaited job interview.

Question – Why didn’t he Google “Theo Epstein banana?” He would have found this video and had all the confirmation he needed. Theo Epstein loves bananas. No one denies this!

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