NFL Owners Seem To Favor Republicans

NFL Owners Seem To Favor Republicans


NFL Owners Seem To Favor Republicans

As with many rich people, NFL owners sometimes give money to politicians. According to, the biggest political contributor is Houston Texans’ owner Robert McNair.

McNair has donated $215,200 of his estimated $1.4 billion net worth to political causes since January 2009, almost strictly to Republicans. That pushes the Texans to a team total of $293,100 in political contributions from its players, executives and coaches.

(To put that in perspective, give a bum you see $4.) Now for the real jarring numbers – most of the big political donations fall from the pockets of NFL owners to Republicans.

In all, NFL players, owners and executives, along with their spouses, contributed a total of at least $1.4 million to federal candidates and political committees since January 2009, according to the Center’s research, with about two-thirds of that money aiding Republicans.

According to the Center’s analysis, eight of the 10 biggest NFL-related political donors, all owners, also make the list of the 10 biggest contributors to Republicans.

Only Robert Kraft (86% of $33,600) heavily favors the Democrats. has more graphs and numbers, but I think you get the gist. *cough* rich old white people *cough*

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