Top 10 Things I Knew I Knew Going Into 2011

Top 10 Things I Knew I Knew Going Into 2011


Top 10 Things I Knew I Knew Going Into 2011

By  Cris Collinsworth

10. Chris Johnson Would Dominate Again If He Ever Signed: Not so much. The Titans have played well despite the fact that they can’t get Chris Johnson going. Go figure.

9. The Packers Would Dominate the NFC North: It never crossed my mind to include, “If they can hold off the 5-0 Detroit Lions.”

8. Due to the Lockout, Defenses Would be Way Ahead of the Offenses Early: Is it possible that all these exotic blitz schemes now need more practice time than the offenses?

7. The Jets and Patriots Were a Two Team Division in the AFC East: Currently they are the MIDDLE two teams in that division due to the Bills win over the Patriots.

6. Rex Grossman was a Better Comedian Than Quarterback: That was so funny when he said the Redskins were going to win the NFC East. Oops.

5. If Jay Cutler Were a little Tougher the Bears Could Win a Super Bowl: So far, Jay Cutler’s toughness is the ONLY thing that is keeping the Bears alive with that offensive line.

4. Cam Newton Would Take at Least Five Years to Develop as an NFL QB: Five Games later he is one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch. Ben Roethlisberger’s toughness in the pocket, with Mike Vick’s elusiveness.

3. Finally, the Bengals Have Picked a Great Year to Have the Worst Team in the NFL: Rookie quarterback with a new offensive coordinator = Andrew Luck = Party time in Cincinnati. Bengals looking for win No. 4 against the winless Colts.

2. Alex Smith is a Great Kid, So Despite the Evidence I Still Can’t Bring Myself to Call Him a Bust: Is Jim Harbaugh the next great QB maker to patrol the sidelines? Bill Walsh would be proud.

1. The Eagles Really are a Dream Team: What will this nightmare look like on Halloween? Too many changes to key coaching positions, and now they are talking about bringing in consultants? Ouch.

Cris Collinsworth, an eight-year NFL veteran, is in his third season as a member of the NBC Sunday Night Football broadcast team and his 22nd season with Inside the NFL, now on Showtime. He also is a key member of The Experts Network, a digital media and content company formed under the auspices of 16W Marketing, along with Howie Long, Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms, Nick Faldo and Cal Ripken Jr. TXN has a strategic marketing, sales and content alliance with Big Lead Sports.

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