LeBron James To The NFL? Everyone Is Willing To Discuss It

LeBron James To The NFL? Everyone Is Willing To Discuss It


LeBron James To The NFL? Everyone Is Willing To Discuss It

I’ve been ignoring this silly “LeBron James playing in the NFL” talk for a week now. It’s not going to happen. Even if the NBA closed up shop for the next 2 years, LeBron wouldn’t play in the NFL. It’s pure fiction, but it’s still fun to debate. People have been talking about LeBron playing in the NFL since we first got to know King James. With the lockout firmly in place, the discussion has switched back to the idea of James in pads.

From FOX Sports Ohio:

“It wouldn’t be easy,” Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Leon Hall said. “I recommend he keep his NBA contract and just play the Madden video games if he misses football.”

“There aren’t many guys with the athleticism and strength LeBron has in any sport,” [Chris] Crocker said. “But I also think guys pick the sports they pick for a reason. Just like (Chad) Ochocinco thinks he’s a soccer player until he gets up close and sees how skilled pro soccer players really are, there’s nothing easy about the NFL.”

These are just harmless dismissals though. Anybody have anything inflammatory to say?

Spielman said James is the “greatest athlete I’ve ever seen,” but there’s more than just the physical contact he’d worry about in a hypothetical transition.

“He’s the mentally weakest person I’ve ever seen,” Spielman said.

That’s worth a headline on a blog. Of course, Spielman went on to compliment James. Let’s go back to Crocker. Maybe he said something stupid by now?

“I can’t out-jump you,” Crocker said, “but the minute you touch this ball, I’m getting my hands and my hat on you.”

Roger Goodell just fined Chris Crocker $25,000 for talking about leading with his helmet.

If the NBA Players Association has any chance at getting David Stern and the owners to cave, they should go to an NFL franchise and get them to start working out LeBron. If the premiere star of the NBA was seriously toying with the idea of playing football, wouldn’t that worry the league? Losing LeBron James to an injury would be a huge blow to the NBA no matter where it happened.

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