As Stadiums Improve, So Too Does Stadium Food

As Stadiums Improve, So Too Does Stadium Food


As Stadiums Improve, So Too Does Stadium Food

There are new sports stadiums, arenas and ball parks all over the country. With the new sports venues comes new ways for fans to spend even more money at the games. That includes new and nontraditional foods.

With 2012 just around the corner, just about every professional sports team falls into one of the following categories:

-Need or want a new stadium
-Threatening to leave if they don’t get a new stadium
-Getting a new stadium / moving somewhere with a new stadium
-Opening a new stadium
-Just opened a new stadium
-Renovating their new-ish stadium

With all these new stadiums and ever-rising ticket prices, fans should expect greater quality for their money. Nowhere is that more apparent than the center of the of the sporting universe, New York City. (Or, more accurately, the tri-state area around NYC). This area is home to the Yankees, Knicks, Mets, Rangers, Islanders, Devils, Red Bulls and Nets just to name a few. Between those teams there are multiple new or newly-renovated stadiums. That brings us to some of the different stadium foods available at the games. From

These days, people miss innings of baseball while standing on line at the Shake Shack at Citi Field. Yankees fans can get fresh fruits and vegetables at Melissa’s Farmers Market. (But “buy me some peanuts and carrot sticks”?)

The exotic has even entered the picture. When the Devils opened their season at the Prudential Center on Oct. 9, executive chef Bill Miller was outside smoking alligator ribs.

Alligator ribs and vegetables! Wonders may never cease! Having good food at games is a logical step. People are already paying 10 dollars for a hot dog. Why can’t I pay an extra back or seven for some gator ribs? They’re delicious and they go so well with hockey. []

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