World Series Ratings For Game Two ... Up!

World Series Ratings For Game Two ... Up!


World Series Ratings For Game Two ... Up!

Remember when Jason Lisk said World Series ratings have only been down for the last few years because the games weren’t competitive? Well, Thursday’s 2-1 thriller – won in the Top of the 9th inning – saw an uptick in ratings after an underwhelming game one number. According to Austin Karp of Sports Business Daily, game two generated a 10.0 rating, a nice bump considering it was up against a college football game (Arizona’s brawl-marred win was unwatchable). Now the question becomes: With warmer weather in Texas, any chance we’ll see two more 1-run games? Or will the offenses exploded?

Other questions: Will Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols get on track? Hamilton is 0-7 with a sac fly; Pujols is 0-6 with a run scored. Who would you rather party with, that drunk LaRussa or the guy who favors cocaine, Ron Washington?

Fox will have sports competition Saturday night for game three (using BCS rankings):

NBC: Unranked Notre Dame vs. unranked USC
ABC: No. 25 Washington at No. 8 Stanford
ESPN: No. 6 Wisconsin at No. 16 Michigan State

I won’t get into the only-the-old-people-are-watching-the-World-Series-and-younger-fans-favor-the-NBA-Finals ratings numbers yet. Perhaps next week.

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