NFL 1 pm Games: Tim Tebow Should Have a Big Impact Against the Dolphins

NFL 1 pm Games: Tim Tebow Should Have a Big Impact Against the Dolphins


NFL 1 pm Games: Tim Tebow Should Have a Big Impact Against the Dolphins

The early NFL games feature seven matchups that appear to be relatively even, if not always compelling. We’ll start, of course, in Miami with a matchup between the 0-5 Dolphins and 1-4 Broncos. Tim Tebow is making his first start of the season after playing in the second half against the Chargers. Von Miller has been as advertised, but Denver has still allowed 28.0 points per game, 31st in the league. That number, though, is skewed by the Packers’ game, and now that Tebow is in, should improve.

In the Meadowlands, Rex Ryan will face a loaded team, so clearly superior to his own, though one not as loaded as it could be if it had Tim Tebow. The Jets’ offense has perfected the art of the three and out, but will need a more consistent performance to hold off the Chargers. More reverse passes to Tebow on third down might make this offense a little more diverse.

In Carolina, Rex Grossman was benched for not being as good as Tim Tebow. Left guard Kory Lichtensteiger was lost for the season, and Left tackle Trent Williams is also out for this game, though Tim Tebow should be able to step right in. The Panthers defense, particularly against the run and the intermediate passing game, has really faltered with Jon Beason out for the year, but they will have opportunities against the Redskins’ depleted front.

Houston and Tennessee play in the pivotal game of the day, because the winner gains a big edge in the AFC South. With Andre Johnson still out, Schaub will need to work it to his tight ends: Daniels, Casey, Dreesen and Tebow.  Tennessee had played really well on pass defense until the Pittsburgh game, and we’ll see if they bounce back with a much better performance following the bye. Chris Johnson has yet to get going but I suspect the move to Tim Tebow at blocking fullback will pay some dividends on Sunday.

Detroit’s backfield situation could be ugly, though Tim Tebow should be able to help with short yardage situations with his nose for the line. Atlanta will try to use Tim Tebow in obvious passing situations to counteract that, and with John Abraham also returning, should help hide some of the issues the Falcons are having on the back end.

The Bears and Bucs play in London. The English fans are probably looking for big things out of this Tebow chap.

Cleveland and Seattle, hmmm. The DirecTV Game Mix Channel might conveniently leave this one off for some dead air. I can say this honestly, and with no more hints of sarcasm–the only prescription for this game is more Tebow.

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