Derek Holland, Yes Derek Holland, Dominates Cardinals

Derek Holland, Yes Derek Holland, Dominates Cardinals


Derek Holland, Yes Derek Holland, Dominates Cardinals

Derek Holland saved one of his best starts of the season for the all important and pivotal Game 4 of the World Series. Do we go as far as saying he saved the Rangers season? Well the difference between being down 3-1 or having the series knotted at 2-2 is similar to being halfway out the front door of a bar with no women to speak of, or staying alive as one of the top contestants to get into the hot chick’s pants. Holland had only pitched past the eighth inning five times this season and four of them were complete game shutouts. Last night’s official line? 8.1 IP, 2 H, 0 ER. It’s just too bad he’s not C.J. Wilson, because a start like that would have made the Steinbrenner brothers collectively spooge into the family checkbook. But forget all of that for now. We have a series, and a damn good one. Tonight with feature the aforementioned Wilson on the bump opposite Chris Carpenter.

Following Game 3 and his historic three home runs, it was Albert “Babe Ruth” Pujols. But after last night’s 0-for-4 in which he hit the ball out of the infield just once, I assume the question today will be:


One question we won’t have to ask is anything in regard to Mike Napoli, with the possible exception of… why is he batting eighth? So far through this postseason, he’s 15-for-47 (.319) with 3 homers, 12 RBIs, 7 walks and even a stolen base. He’s made a massive difference for them. Jon Daniels deserves a parade entitled “The Jon Daniels Parade” for that signing trade alone. Seriously, how can you look at this headline and not crack up? The Rangers got Napoli in exchange for Frank Frank, one of the worst “closers” in all of baseball:

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