Let's Make This the Last World Series for Tim McCarver

Let's Make This the Last World Series for Tim McCarver


Let's Make This the Last World Series for Tim McCarver

No matter where you stand with your plethora of deep-rooted sports allegiances, there’s a good chance most of us can agree that Tim McCarver’s time on Fox as one half of its top baseball announcing duo has run its course. His absence during the ALCS a couple weeks ago served as the perfect exclamation point as to just how moldy his presence has become over the years.

Terry Francona, a guy who’s been busy managing the Red Sox for the last eight seasons, was chosen to slide into Timmy’s seat for two games and did a splendid job. He excelled at relatively simple things McCarver routinely struggles with. He offered insightful but concise thoughts, didn’t overstate the obvious, didn’t speak in three word fragments coupled with condescending dramatic pauses, and most importantly, didn’t asphyxiate the in-game action on a play-by-play basis. It’s freaking baseball, it really shouldn’t be that complicated or require incessant explanation.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

This is a big-time event that ought to be approached with enthusiasm and excitement. Yes, they’ve been playing the World Series (almost) every year since 1903, but you don’t have to act like you’re bored with it … But after 31 years as a sportscaster, McCarver has run out of things to say. He just says the same things over and over again … There’s nothing he can’t over-analyze. Nothing he can’t hit on so often that viewers want to hit their heads against the wall.

McCarver really was a great announcer at one point in his career. I enjoyed his work on Yankee games in the late 90s, though it was short-lived for the very reason it was a pleasurable listen. He was simply far too honest and critical for the emotionally tender George Steinbrenner. But listening to him now is similar to watching Ric Flair waddle into the ring with his bomber jacket of a face, his see-through hair, and his exhausted saggy breasts in a sad attempt to capture something that is clearly no longer there.

If the key decision makers at Fox didn’t finally come to terms with this after Francona ran circles around McCarver with just a handful of days to prep, I’m afraid this won’t be the last World Series where everyone, literally everyone, is complaining about Tim McCarver.

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