Noon Kickoff: Michigan State vs. Nebraska

Noon Kickoff: Michigan State vs. Nebraska


Noon Kickoff: Michigan State vs. Nebraska

This is a must-win for Nebraska, should they have any lingering hopes of winning the Legends Division. This is a probably should win for the Spartans. The Cornhuskers have yet to impress. Blaming them for diluting the Big Ten product is a bit harsh. Though, I’m still having trouble figuring out why they are favorites.

Big B1G games are won on the line of scrimmage. That is where Nebraska must win this. On offense, they must handle MSU’s front and get to the second level to create space for Martinez and Burkhead. The Spartans have the strength, the closing speed and the discipline to bottle up the run. Visions of Taylor Martinez combatting confusing blitz packages on passing downs are ominous. He did not seem overly concerned.

On defense, Nebraska has to get pressure. Michigan State’s offense is effective, but not explosive. The Cornhuskers need to stop the run and force Cousins to make plays and to make plays under pressure. There are throws Cousins can’t make. There are reads he will miss, but he must be forced out of his comfort zone.

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