Kyle Busch Is A Major A-Hole: Example 294

Kyle Busch Is A Major A-Hole: Example 294


Kyle Busch Is A Major A-Hole: Example 294

We’ve long known that Kyle Busch is the biggest douchebag in motor sports. Tonight Busch set out to prove that fact during the Camping World Truck SEries race at Texas Motor Speedway. After getting rubbed the wrong way, Busch intentionally wrecked Ron Hornaday while the yellow caution flat was in effect. What say you, oh king of the douches? Via USA Today:

“If I just lay over and give up everything for Ron Hornaday, that’s not Kyle Busch’s fashion. I’m out here to win a race just as much as anyone else is.”

Yes, that’s the third person he’s referring to himself in. Wonder what Hornaday had to say about Busch’s antics.

“That’s just ignorant and stupid. I don’t know what you want to call it. He’s such a candy-ass,” Hornaday said. “He won’t stay around to get a whooping like he’s supposed to get. It’s a shame. It’s not like I did anything wrong. I ran him down from a straightaway. He knew I was faster.”

Anybody want to kick Busch’s ass? Kevin Harvick?

And Kevin Harvick, owner of Hornaday’s No. 33 truck and competing himself in the race, was heard on the radio after the incident saying, “Kyle Busch is going to get his ass whipped, I hope. He better sit in his motor home. I’m going to find him.”

Fucking Busch.

[USA Today, Getty]

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