Houston Nutt Likely Out as Ole Miss Head Coach

Houston Nutt Likely Out as Ole Miss Head Coach


Houston Nutt Likely Out as Ole Miss Head Coach

Some days it is great to be a reporter. Neal McCready, the individual targeted by Houston Nutt during this inane rant, is reporting that Nutt has been fired as Ole Miss head coach, effective at the end of the season. A press conference has been called for 3:00 ET, with the school’s chancellor, AD and Nutt in attendance.

Nutt started hot, leading Mississippi to consecutive Top 20 seasons and Cotton Bowl wins. However, he has won just one of 13 SEC games the past two seasons. In year four of the project, they were beaten badly by both Vanderbilt and Kentucky. That’s unacceptable at any program. It’s particularly bad at Ole Miss. Perhaps, signing some kids who had a chance to be eligible to play for the university might have helped.

The Rebels are losing on the field and that’s feeding losses off the field. Defeats have coincided with Mississippi State emerging under Dan Mullen and launching a direct challenge with the Our State campaign to become the top Mississippi program (bigger deal inside the state) in the SEC. Ole Miss AD Pete Boone undoubtedly was feeling the heat. The longer Nutt lasted the greater the odds Pete Boone would be departing with him.

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