Lenny Dykstra Is Still Crazy

Lenny Dykstra Is Still Crazy


Lenny Dykstra Is Still Crazy

How long since we saw Lenny Dykstra do something crazy? All the way back in the summer? Wow. Well, Dykstra is currently on house arrest for (allegedly) embezzling money from his bankrupt estate. Apparently, his manager, Dan Herman is threatening to revoke his bond. Luckily, Dykstra has Twitter, so we can hear exactly how he feels about that. Via Larry Brown Sports:

Fu herman! I don’t need your jew gold, go ahead take away my bail! I didn’t get stupid over night

20 something year old thinks he has power over me! Herman and his kind are greedy born spies

herman is a penny pinching jew gold hoarding kid trying to put me back in the cooler bro #danherman

You tell ’em Lenny! You don’t need that guy’s gold!

[Larry Brown Sports]

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