Hyundai Unveils Super Bowl XLVI Advertising Plans

Hyundai Unveils Super Bowl XLVI Advertising Plans


Hyundai Unveils Super Bowl XLVI Advertising Plans

Hyundai Motor Co. said it is planning to run as many as five TV commercials during Super Bowl XLIV, which will air on NBC Feb. 5.

According to North American CEO John Krafcik, the Korean-based automaker is purchasing time for two ads on the pre-game show, a 60-second spot to air just before kickoff and two during the first and third quarters of the game, respectively.

Super Bowl XLVI is being played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indidanpolis.

Spots for the game are going for upward of $3 million for a 30-second commercial, according to industry analysts, although companies that purchase multiple spots generally pay a lower package rate.

Hyundai was among more than 12 automaker and car-related companies that aired spots during Super Bowl XLV. The total number of car-category companies advertising during Super Bowl XLVI has not yet been revealed.

According to Krafcik, Hyundai is seeking a lighter tone than in past years to make them more memorable. Two Hyundai spots that aired during Super Bowl XLV attempted to sell cars via “mass hypnosis.” A third spot focused more on brand attributes.

“We’re competing with Doritos and Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch,” Krafcik told members of the media during an auto show this past weekend in Michigan. “Those are tough competitors from an entertainment point of view.”

Hyundai also ran commercials during the playoffs last season

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