Big Ten Depravity Bowl: Penn State vs. Ohio State

Big Ten Depravity Bowl: Penn State vs. Ohio State


Big Ten Depravity Bowl: Penn State vs. Ohio State

There’s not much going on this afternoon, so we’ll stay in the Big Ten with Penn State and Ohio State. Remember when everyone was getting all hot and bothered over tattoos and discounted automobiles? Penn State is enduring perhaps the greatest scandal in sports history, is under an NCAA investigation and now Joe Paterno has cancer.

Both Penn State and Ohio State have top 20 defenses. Both are tied at 99th in the country with 5.04 yards per play on offense. Neither team passes the ball well. This could be a potent brand of ugly. If DeVier Posey’s return can’t break up the monotony, we’ll be lucky to have a cloud of dust. The only more depressing thought is watching one of these teams face Florida in the Gator Bowl.

This is a free game for Penn State. Wisconsin pulled out the win against Illinois, meaning PSU will enter the game either tied or one-game ahead with Wisky holding the head to head tie-breaker if they even up. Regardless of what happens today, the winner of the PSU vs. Wisconsin game wins the Leaders’ division.

ESPN claims there was contact between Ohio State and their employee Urban Meyer. A couple of sites claim it is confirmed. The truth is probably somewhere in between. If Meyer wants back in and Ohio State does not get hammered by the sanctions, he won’t find a better opportunity.

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