Tim Tebow Beat The Chargers: A Photo Essay

Tim Tebow Beat The Chargers: A Photo Essay


Tim Tebow Beat The Chargers: A Photo Essay

Tim Tebow beat the San Diego Chargers Sunday in overtime, 16-13. In past performances, detractors have complained that Tebow doesn’t throw the ball enough to be a good quarterback. Yeah? How about he throws three balls at once? Does that do something for you?

Tim Tebow always Tebows to prepare for a big game. Tim Tebow also knows that every game is big and treats each as such.

Hater gonna hate… Strutting Tim Tebow just wins football games.

The penitent man will pass. The penitent man passed ran the ball 22 times for 67 yards. “Come on you heathens! This way to glory!”

Tim Tebow completed his first pass with 3 minutes and 54 seconds remaining in the second quarter. He would go on to complete 9 of 18 passes and one of those was a touchdown.

Sing it, John…

“Finally I figured out
But it took a long, long time
But now there’s a turnabout
Maybe ’cause I’m trying

There’s been times, I’m so confused
All my roads, They lead to you
I just can’t turn and walk away

It’s hard to say what it is I see in you
Wonder if I’ll always be with you
But words can’t say, And I can’t do
Enough to prove,
It’s all for you”

By the time Tebow wins his first Super Bowl in 2013, the post-game prayer circle will consist of every player from both teams. The media will also be on their knees, but for a completely different reason.

Look at these adoring fans. Tim Tebow converts fans wherever he goes. By the time he retires, the country will be left with nothing but Denver Broncos fans. The NFL will no longer keep track of wins and losses, just sportsmanship. At that point, the skies will grow dark. It will not be the end of days, though. With sportsmanship and Godliness at its peak, Bob Costas will say “You’re welcome” and ride off into the sunset. His high horse will blot out the sun.


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