Wonder How the Colorado Avalanche Will Treat This Reporter?

Wonder How the Colorado Avalanche Will Treat This Reporter?


Wonder How the Colorado Avalanche Will Treat This Reporter?

Does the name Adrian Dater sound familiar? Longtime readers of this site may recall an epic Dater rant against ESPN in 2007. Dater – an NHL writer at the Denver Post – seems like the type that gets easily agitated, and a lackadaisical effort from the Colorado Avalanche in Monday’s 3-1 loss to Dallas set him off. The Avs are struggling – 10-13-1 in the West, probably one of the 5-6 worst teams in the NHL right now – and that prompted this post mortem from Dater:

* Well, that was three hours you and I will never get back. What a terrible hockey game tonight at the Pepsi Center, in front of the lowest crowd of the season (12,015). Just awful …

* let’s talk about Paul Stastny. He was terrible tonight. One shot on net, no points, 43-percent on faceoffs. He was slow all night, got outworked on loose pucks along the boards and generally as noticeable as a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a 10-foot snowbank. There is probably a reason why the Avalanche didn’t give him the captaincy, despite being the team’s highest-paid player and one of its more tenured players. Because he’s not leading by example.

* What does GM Greg Sherman have to say about all this? Dunno, he hasn’t wanted to talk to the media lately. I’ve asked. Josh Kroenke? Ditto. It’s like Avalanche management has all retreated into the bunker lately, hoping not to be seen by the dastardly one or two people that actually cover this team anymore. I mean, can you imagine if these guys worked in Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver or Philly or New York? The media would be all over them for answers. But I guess in good old little cowtown Denver, they don’t really need to answer to anybody.

Gotta love the venom. You rarely see that from newspaper reporters. Bloggers? Sure. But newspaper reporters generally leave the torching to the columnists, who can parachute in, rip the team, and then show up a month later when everyone has forgotten the smear job. [Denver Post]

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